What Is a Michigan Transfer Agreement

If you`re a student in Michigan who is thinking about transferring to another college or university, then the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) is something that you need to know about. The MTA is a statewide agreement that is designed to help students seamlessly transfer credits from one institution to another, and it applies to more than 30 public and private colleges and universities throughout Michigan.

Essentially, the Michigan Transfer Agreement is a set of general education requirements that students can complete while they`re at one institution, and then those credits will transfer to another institution in Michigan. The idea is to save students time and money by ensuring that their credits will be recognized and accepted by other schools, so they can complete their degrees without having to retake courses that they`ve already completed.

To qualify for the Michigan Transfer Agreement, students need to complete at least 30 credit hours of coursework with a grade of “C” or better at a participating institution. These credits must include courses from at least two of the following areas: English composition, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics.

Once a student has completed the required coursework, they can request that their transcript be evaluated for the Michigan Transfer Agreement. If their classes meet the criteria, then the student will receive a notation on their transcript indicating that they have fulfilled the MTA requirements.

It`s worth noting that the Michigan Transfer Agreement is not a guarantee that all of a student`s credits will transfer to another institution. Some majors may have additional core requirements that need to be met, and some schools may have specific policies about accepting transfer credits. However, the MTA does provide a strong foundation for transferring general education coursework between institutions.

Overall, the Michigan Transfer Agreement is a valuable tool for students who are planning to transfer from one college to another in Michigan. By completing the required coursework, students can ensure that their credits will be recognized and accepted by other institutions, which can save time and money in the long run. If you`re a Michigan student who is considering transferring, then be sure to explore the MTA as an option.